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I Love My

A Heartwarming Children's Book about Punjab

Cherish and relive your childhood with your loved ones and give them the best of Punjab in this colourful illustrated book.

As your children journey through this book, they will travel to the great land of Punjab and will get an intimate feel for its rich culture and ambiance.

i love my punjab book side shot

An introduction to Punjab

Explore Punjabi heritage, values and traditions

A Keepsake board book

Designed & published in Canada by Punjabi Kids Club

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Parivaar, One Family (A Canadian Registered Charity)

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"I Love My Punjab" is a heartwarming book that will give parents an opportunity to start a conversation about Punjab culture and heritage with their children while reliving and sharing stories of their own childhood.

This children's book introduces our little ones to the beautiful land of Punjab, its enthusiastic people, vibrant culture, breathtaking landmarks, festivals, food, and much more.

Punjabi culture is now a global culture spanning across countries and continents, sharing the values and sentiments of our storied heritage. "I Love My Punjab" is a perfect example of how Punjabis across the globe can come together to create something beautiful for the younger generation.

"I Love My Punjab" book is written, designed and published in Canada. The script came to life through vivid and colourful artwork illustrated in Thailand. Our vision took the shape of a book with printing in Amritsar, Punjab.

We hope this book will help create a special bond between our children and the land of Punjab and encourage them to experience its beauty firsthand.

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Venita Muffty

Hats off to the Author.
A beautiful read for all ages.
I read this book with my eight year old granddaughter and we throughly enjoyed reading about a whole new wonderful culture.

1 year ago

A wonderful book about Punjab which has prompted many family discussions! My kids love this book!

1 year ago

My kids really enjoy this book. The colorful illustrations and simple text is fun for a family read. This book provides an entertaining and educational experience. Definitely worth the purchase!

1 year ago

This book was a great way to learn about the Punjab culture! The pictures were beautiful. Highly recommended read for the littles!

1 year ago

It's alway wonderful to learn about different cultures and this book is the perfect way for kids. The illustration is on point and so fun to read.
It would be a sweet addition to your kids collection.

1 year ago