Behind the scenes

Meet the Creatives


Khushdeep Kaur Jaura

As a mother of two amazing little girls, Khushdeep embarked on her journey to research and create fun and interactive ways for her children to learn about their beautiful Punjabi heritage and its rich culture. Khushdeep is the founder of the Punjabi Kids Club as a joint effort with her husband, Amandeep Singh Jaura. Punjabi Kids Club is an initiative for which Khushdeep and Amandeep share a vision to research, create and spread Punjabi children’s literature across the globe and to create digital animated media to connect the next generation with their Punjabi heritage in an easily accessible format. I Love My Punjab is a key milestone in turning this vision into a reality.

Jeevna Kaur

Jeevna’s artwork varies from digital art to books and murals. Jeevna has illustrated a variety of children’s books and particularly enjoyed illustrating I Love My Punjab as it afforded a chance to portray her culture as it was vibrantly and brilliantly envisioned by the author, Khushdeep Jaura.